Information regarding regulations for travelling with animals and import of products of animal origin:

Travelling with Animals
If you travel and you are accompanied by your pet (dogs, cats, ferrets) it is important to be informed about  the health requirements that have to be followed. These requirements are laid down in EU legislation:
·         Regul.576-2013-EC, concerning the non-commercial movement of pets: dogs, cats and ferrets -in force from 29.12.2014
·         Regul.577-2013-EC-samples of identification documents for non-commercial movements of dogs, cats and ferrets-in force from 29.12.2014
·         Dec.2007-25-EC, for pet birds
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Import of products of animal origin to EU
Since food products of animal origin may be a source of pathogens causing infectious animal diseases, and travellers may unintentionally import the pathogenic agents, passengers are prohibited to import meat and meat products, milk and dairy products into the European Union.
If you carry these prohibited food products in your baggage, upon arriving in the territory of the European Union, please hand them over to the Official Veterinarian for disposal.
Importing prohibited items can result in a fine or criminal liability!
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