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   +359 56 870 273
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   +359 56 870 248
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   +359 56 870 236
   +359 888 801 287
   +359 884 801 220
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Burgas Airport is situated in a picturesque bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 10 km north-east of the city of Burgas which ranks second among Bulgarian municipalities by its well-developed industry. Its specific geographical location – on the border between Europe and Asia, has contributed to its strategic importance for the new relationships in the modern world. The potential of Burgas Airport for handling passengers and cargo has a strong effect on the development of a transport network, tourism and trade between partners from the East and the West.

 Recent News
Traveler from Belarus is the 2 millionth passenger at Burgas Airport for 2014
On Аugust 25th at Burgas Airport on a flight from Minsk of the airline company "Belavia" landed the two millionth passenger for 2014
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Varna and Burgas Airports launch Selfie Shopper contest
Varna and Burgas Airports have launched a new digital Selfie Shopper campaign to entertain passengers while waiting for their flight and give them the chance to win an attractive prize
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Fraport Twin Star organizes a competition for short animated film
The tenth edition of the World Festival of Animated Films (WFAF) will be held in Varna between 10 and 14 September
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23 students joined the Internship Program of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD
23 young and ambitious students joined this year's Internship Program of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, which is traditionally held during the summer
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Roses for the passengers at Burgas Airport
On 28th and 29th May 2014, volunteers distributed freshly picked roses to all guests arriving at Burgas Airport. The roses were from the rose gardens nearby the village of Panicherevo, Stara Zagora district
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 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 18.09.2014 06:35 / Local time: 18.09.2014 06:35
18.09 00:45 Bulgaria Air FB975 Sofia T2 00:32 Landed
18.09 01:00 Air VIA VIM308 Nurnberg T2 01:13 Landed
18.09 06:50 Belavia BRU8113 Minsk T2 06:39 Approaching
18.09 07:00 Belavia BRU8331 Minsk T2 Cancelled
18.09 07:05 Travel Service QS1380 Ostrava T2 06:45 Approaching
18.09 07:30 Air VIA VIM424 Hannover T2 07:44 Approaching
18.09 08:10 Travel Service QS1482 Brno T2 Cancelled
18.09 08:25 Travel Service QS1180 Prague T2 08:08 Approaching
18.09 08:30 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7917 Moscow Domodedovo T2 07:58 Approaching
18.09 08:55 Transavia Airlines HV1701 Amsterdam T2 08:45 Approaching
18.09 09:35 Thomas Cook Belgium HQ4258 Brussels T2
18.09 09:45 Transavia Airlines HV767 Amsterdam T2
18.09 10:05 Germania ST1530 Dusseldorf T2
18.09 10:30 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4114 Munster T2
18.09 10:40 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4116 Frankfurt T2 Cancelled
18.09 12:00 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC3668 Tel Aviv T2 Cancelled
18.09 13:25 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4668 Tel Aviv T2
18.09 14:30 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7923 Moscow Domodedovo T2
18.09 14:45 Air VIA VIM438 Cologne T2
18.09 15:30 Bulgaria Air FB6082 Tel Aviv T2
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 Flight Information
Information last updated on: 18.09.2014 06:35 / Local time: 18.09.2014 06:35
18.09 04:30 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4113 Munster T2 04:33 Departed
18.09 04:40 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4115 Frankfurt T2 Cancelled
18.09 07:50 Belavia BRU8114 Minsk T2 Check-In
18.09 07:50 Travel Service QS1381 Ostrava via Brno T2 Check-In
18.09 07:55 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4667 Tel Aviv T2 Check-In
18.09 08:00 Belavia BRU8332 Minsk T2 Cancelled
18.09 08:20 Air VIA VIM437 Cologne T2 Check-In
18.09 08:55 Travel Service QS1483 Brno T2 Cancelled
18.09 09:10 Travel Service QS1181 Prague T2
18.09 09:20 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7918 Moscow Domodedovo T2
18.09 09:50 Transavia Airlines HV1702 Amsterdam T2
18.09 10:00 Bulgaria Air FB6081 Tel Aviv T2
18.09 10:25 Thomas Cook Belgium HQ4259 Brussels T2
18.09 10:40 Transavia Airlines HV768 Amsterdam T2
18.09 10:50 Germania ST7195 Frankfurt T2
18.09 11:45 Bulgarian Air Charter BUC4867 Tel Aviv T2
18.09 15:20 S7 / Siberia Airlines S7924 Moscow Domodedovo T2
18.09 15:35 Air VIA VIM451 Dresden via Zweibrucken T2
18.09 15:35 Air VIA VIM421 Zweibrucken T2 Cancelled
18.09 16:40 Belavia BRU8334 Minsk T2
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